Birds of the Air

A few days ago, our dog Emma somehow caught a beautiful little hummingbird in her mouth😩 Sarah Jane was chasing her around screaming and finally got her to drop the hummingbird, but sadly it was too late😭 SJ scooped up the little bird and was near tears trying to explain to me what happened. We tried our best to see if it was still breathing, even brought it inside and tried to revive it. We called the boys downstairs to look at the glimmering feathers and how hummingbirds are made so perfectly. I took a few minutes to explain to them that if God takes care of the birds, making sure they always have food and water, how much more does he take care of and love us? He knows every hair on heads, thought in our minds, and weight on our hearts. He created us in His image. He loves us and cares for us in such an unimaginable way. I told them that if we could be so burdened over the fate of a little hummingbird, how much more God is concerned for us! No matter what our circumstances are, if we turn to Jesus, we can live freely knowing that He is in control and He is all we need.

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