Mother's Day 2020- The Burden

The weight of being a mama, the responsibility of caring for someone else’s every need is often too much to bear. The burden that I feel when I look at these 4 precious ones sometimes takes my breath away! Raising children in this broken world is already downright scary and then you add a pandemic and you’ve really got to buckle up for a bumpy ride. Two of my children are afraid to leave the house... other than going to their grandparents or coming with me to work at HB.
The other 2, I’m pretty sure, are having conversations with imaginary friends and would probably skip out with the first person to knock on the door😂😩
I keep going back to the basics of life- feed them, love them, teach them about Jesus. Teach them WHY loving God is important, why loving others is important. Why obedience in the small things will make a difference in the big things. That all life is valuable. Kindness is never wasted. To look for opportunities to “fill a need.” To love one another as Christ first loved us. What a privilege, what an honor, what a burden.❤️

It’s not lost on me that today was a hard, sad day for many people that I know and love. Painful because their mama is no longer here on this earth. Painful because they have not been able to see their mama due to the current state of our world. Painful because they ache and long to become a mama. Painful because they are a mama but chose to give their child up for adoption. Painful because they are a mama to a child who has gone to be with Jesus. Painful because their child is ill.

So while I felt loved and celebrated and honored today, I also felt burdened. A burden to keep pressing on. To raise these little people to love Jesus and love others.

✝️“Bear one another's burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ”. Galatians 6:2
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  • Becky B Perry

    Hannah, your tribute to Mother’s was so beautifully written. Yes, parenting is a challenge at any age, but the foundation that is established at home by a parent, is the ground in which we stand on for their entire lives. Having God to stand with us and make this foundation stronger for our loved ones, is the part of our responsibly. May God continue to bless us as we grow.

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