Whitman took up archery in the early spring as part of his Physical Therapy. His PT made him write down a list of goals after her first session with him and archery was one of them. She promised him that when he gained enough strength, she would incorporate archery into their sessions. True to her word and better than we could have imagined, she showed up for his PT session one day with a bow, arrows, and an archery coach! That archery coach “just so happens” to be a member of our church and taught the boys to swim! What a blessing to our hearts to watch Whitman get to “have fun”and learn a new sport. Why archery? Whitman said he wanted to learn something he could do with his upper body if his leg never gets better. We all refuse to let him believe this could happen, but the strength training and concentration archery takes were just what the doctor ordered. Many PT sessions after this included an archery component and I would often find Karen (his PT) sitting or even lying on the ground behind his legs watching his balance and checking for fasciculations. Because of Whitman’s intensive PT sessions and the brilliant mind that never shut off and helped us day in and day out, we finally put together a full picture of what was attacking Whitman’s body. Little did we know at the time it was Lyme-MSIDS.
Thank you to my precious friend @shieldsoriginal who ran with my vision for @whitmanswarriors and created this image and our logo. We pray this page proves to be informational and an encouragement to those fighting Lyme or fighting for a diagnosis!

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