First Week Complete

Whitman completed his first full week of treatment for Lyme Disease on Friday, June, 19th! We met with Dr. Morales who said that everything is going “as expected” and that not many changes take place the first week. Chris + I both have tried to be in a place of not being overly hopeful about seeing changes overnight. We understand that Lyme has taken a toll on Whitman’s body and it’s going to take time to properly and effectively eradicate it. However, with the combination of therapies here at the clinic, patients see results much more quickly than with the traditional Lyme Treatment therapies offered. Dr. Morales did say he expects to understand Whitman’s body more this week and we *might* see some improvement.
Whitman had many different therapies last week - we spend between 5-8 hours at the clinic each day. The most difficult was his hyperthermia treatment. They heated his body to induce a fever and he was very hot & uncomfortable. Hopefully it killed a lot of the Lyme spirochettes🙏🏽 Thankfully, Whit has the best nurse ever who makes us laugh and keeps him distracted as much as possible. If you ask Whitman, he would say the treatment he dislikes the most is mud cataplasma which he gets after his lymphatic massage. It grosses him out😜
Our very specific prayers are relief from abdominal pain and that the treatments for his Multifocal motor neuropathy will be effective. ✝️

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