Treatment Days 1-3

Thursday was Whitman’s first day of treatment for Lyme here and a good day at the clinic!! Whitman had an IV of vitamin C, Otic and rectal ozone therapy.🙃! Because of his severe penicillin allergy, he had a skin test for rocephin. He did not react to it so they felt comfortable starting IV rocephin after 24 hours.

He has a male nurse, Volguy, (we pronounce it “Bolgie”) who is so very comforting and helpful. He’s from Haiti and speaks 4 languages! He takes the time to explain E V E R Y question Whit has, which proves he is a patient soul. The other doctor in the clinic wanted to discuss Whitman’s Stevens Johnson’s Syndrome in detail which was very interesting and brought back some very difficult thoughts and emotions.💔
Then…Dr. Morales came in to check on his little patient. He said that Whitman’s case is so unique and complicated that he didn’t sleep well Wednesday night. He came up with an idea that he asked us about. He would like to hire a media guy that he trusts to document Whitman’s stay at the clinic and tell the story of what brought us here and then do maybe 2 videos a week documenting his stay! This is very exciting to us and Whitman because obviously we pray that the Lord will use this to help many others who are suffering. He said Whitman has a light and joy that would serve all of his patients well and encourage more to get the help they deserve. He is very focused on patient care and comfort…. And we all hope and pray, that Whitman will be one of his greatest success stories!!

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Most days, we can choose if Whitman would like to go in for treatment at 9am or 1pm. They want the patients to have plenty of rest and make sure they eat healthy!

Today started with a lymphatic massage and mud cataplasma. The mud is packed on his abdomen and back and used to draw out toxins. He had to wear the packs for a bit over 2 hours… he hated wearing the mud🙃Then he he got his new IV for the week inserted and it took 5 tries to get it. He cries out in pain a lot but doesn’t CRY often and that brought on real tears. He asked for an ultrasound guided IV which resulted in a giggle from the team.

He had:

IV antibiotics

IV vitamin C

Otic ozone

Rectal ozone

Infrared light therapy

Cold laser therapy

Biomat for pain relief

Biofrequency wave therapy

They are starting him with a IV’s and praying he doesn’t have to get a Port. Their hope is that every Friday they will remove the IV so he can have the weekend off to swim and play if he feels up to it.

I love this because we are so familiar with almost all of these treatments. We have been trying to piece together these different therapies at home as I played “Mom Doc”. The difference is the setting and being able to manage the patient as an individual. He will have an initial 3 week plan given to us as a guide and then each day can be adjusted based on how he feels and how his body responds to each treatment.


  • MIke and Jean Hussey

    Hannah Brown my dear we are keeping up with Whitman through social media and your Mom. Blessings to you ALL!

  • Susan Wallace

    Love and prayers for Whitman, his medical team and your entire family!

  • Missy Price

    For this child I have prayed

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