The Proper Peony Spring Preorder


PLEASE NOTE, all items are a preorder. Our Valentine's and Spring 1 Classics have been paid for and are shipping this week!

Please see shipping schedule below for shipping dates!

Spring 21 Shipping Schedule & Size Chart (scroll down for size chart!)

1st shipment - Classic Valentine's Items (Early Jan) 
Val Dress, Sonnet Dress, Beatrice Side Button Dress

2nd shipment - Classic Styles (Mid/Late Jan)
Capri Tulip Dress/Bubble
Daphne Yellow Dress/Bubble
Celeste Gingham Bloomer Set/Sundress
Estelle Dress/Bubble
Sweet Pea Dress
Palmer Pink Dress/Bubble
Thumper Dress/Bubble
Rosie Dress/Bubble
Spencer Jon Jon/Bubble
Palmer Boy Sunbubble
Thumper Jon Jon/Bubble
Cherry Dress

3rd Shipment - Pima Styles (Early Feb)
Blue/Pink Bunny Pima
Garden Floral Pima
Strawberry Pima

4th Shipment - Classic Styles (Early Feb)
Spencer Vintage Dress
Chick Dress/Bubble
Chick Boy Bubble
Tulip Apron-Adult/Child
Augusta Dress
August Jon Jon/Bubble
Spencer Shorts
Susie Shorts 
Girl Sleeveless Shirt 

5th Shipment - Pima Styles (End Feb)
Crab Pima
Lemon Pima
Blue/Pink Duck Pima
Fish Pima
Stripes Pima

6th Shipment - Classic styles (End Feb)
Georgiana Swiss Dot Dress/Bubble
Marisol Vintage Dress
Philippa Bloomer Set


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