Stop Go Timer

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Save Bedtime– Make going to bed a breeze for you and your child. This color timer is a clue for kids to stay in bed when the light is red. When the light is green, they can get up. A color timer is the key to sleep and nap training. Improve Focus– Set the timer to the desired time. When the stoplight is on red, your child will know to focus on the task. Once the time is up, a green light signals your child to move on to the next activity. Better Timeouts– Timeouts are a kind and effective way of disciplining your child. Our visual time out timer tells your child to stay put when the light is red. When the light turns green (green means Go), time out is over! You can also set the audible alarm to reinforce the green light. Classroom Timer – The BeeZee Stoplight Golight makes a great classroom timer for teachers. Just set the timer to encourage students to focus and stay on task. What’s Included – The box includes an AC adapter and an optional alarm. Timer can be set for 0–15 hours a